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Use “OOO” when you’re “ITO” (In The Office)

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Many of you use “OOO” (Out Of Office) messages when you take days off, are at a conference or tied up with work events. It buys you some grace and time to get back to people without taking a hit on others’ perceptions of your responsiveness.
But have you thought about using it when you are in the office?
“OOO” messages can be a helpful tool when you are trying to accomplish a task that requires brain power and dedicated time. When you allow messages to interrupt, you move into a multitasking mode, which is terrible for productivity.
study from the University of London found that we lose as many as 10 IQ points when you allow work to be interrupted by emails and other messages. Additionally, it takes, on average, up to 20 minutes to get back into the same state of intensity and flow from before the interruption.
I was recently asked if it would look bad if you always have your “OOO” on when clients are trying to reach you. My response?
  1. You wouldn’t “always” have it on
  2. Your “OOO” message can direct clients to others for support or to call you if the matter is urgent,
  3. Clients will learn to appreciate that you focus to create a superior-quality output.

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