9 Warning Signs

of Impending Burnout




Business runs on talent, which makes your people your most critical asset.


You already know Fact #1.
That’s why your organization has invested to maintain or improve their health, happiness and satisfaction.


Burnout continues to be a major issue.

A new study by Asana looked at over 10,000 knowledge workers across seven countries and found approximately 70% of people experienced burnout in the last year. On top of that, 40% of all workers believe burnout is an inevitable part of success. Sad.

The Warning Signs

Business leaders need to continue to be vigilant to stem the tide of burnout. Here are specific signs that one of your key players may be struggling with burnout. The team member:

  1. Is unable to complete tasks on time
  2. Has become moody, irritable or impatient with colleagues or clients
  3. Lacks satisfaction in previously enjoyed tasks or accomplishments
  4. Complains of sleep problems or minor physical ailments
  5. Has been withdrawing from the team and participating less in meetings
  6. Has increasingly commented on how busy or exhausted they are
  7. Seems bored with the work
  8. No longer extends extra effort
  9. Chronically works long hours during evenings and weekends

The catch is that your key players, don’t typically volunteer that they are struggling. In fact, 51% of workers don’t feel comfortable talking to their manager about burnout. They worry that it will be perceived as a sign of weakness or incompetence.

The Solution?
Focus on Engagement.

To overcome burnout, nurture engagement.


Provide opportunities for the team members to get absorbed in their work?

Challenge & Commitment:

Offer stretch goals to develop skills and aptitude. Provide challenges
to enable them to rise up.

Connection to Greater Purpose:

Continuously describe to the team member why their work matters and how it makes an impact.


Foster moments of excitement for the work.

People who have experienced burnout in the past year are likely to:
  • Have lower morale 36% 36%
  • Be less engaged 30% 30%
  • Make more mistakes 27% 27%
  • Leave the company 25% 25%
  • Miscommunicate 25% 25%
9 Warning Signs of Impending Burnout
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